Yesterday I had my annual check-up with my doctor – what I regard as my personal MOT to ensure that I am safe to be let loose in the world.

It’s one of those occasions when I am so grateful for the NHS in St Albans and Harpenden. And for a doctor who is courteous, friendly and interested in me.

Blood pressure – under control. Cholesterol – borderline. Everything else – no major problems it seems, for the moment at least.

But I am conscious that my body has a use-by date.

It needs to be treated with care if it’s going to last. Hence the annual check.

As a Christian, I may fear a painful, long drawn-out process of dying or the impact on others, but I do not fear my own death.

Many people will talk about this subject. It scares them.

Some try to deny its reality – as the music and words at many funerals show. But for a Christian it holds no terror for Jesus Christ has conquered death.

Christ Church, St Albans hosted the funeral of a wonderful Christian man a few weeks ago.

The family called it a ‘celebration’, both of his life but also of the Lord Jesus Christ whom he served and in whose presence he now is.

I hope I have many years of life yet, but when my use-by date is up, I’ll go gladly.

In the meantime I’ll keep the body running for as long as I can with my annual MOT. And be grateful for our NHS.