I don't know about you, but I get really irritated by the way there has to be ONE winner in a competition, in a BakeOff, in Strictly come Dancingl, or in a Painting challenge. And of course, it's made much worse for the waiting competitors by that agonisingly long wait.( Do we enjoy seeing others suffer ?) In real life, we don't put down people who buy ready meals instead of cooking, or the neighbour who chooses to leave their back garden as total lawn, and not a rich feast of blackcurrants, sweet corn or pears !

Surely we have to acknowledge that every person has something special to give, even if it's just a warm smile. Yes, I do believe in the saying " comparisons are odious ! "

If you believe in a Creator, how can you put someone on a pedestal because of his one speciality ?

Yes, we honour TV stars , actors, footballers, but to single one out as the BEST is to ignore another part of their personality. We are made of a million different parts, mental and physical, whether visually attractive or of sharp mind.

And there's another aspect to this. If we believe that everyone we meet or know has a good or helpful side, we should honour that, and forgive them for the other side, which in itself will build them up.

As we go into the New Year...and 2020 has a really nice ring to it.......let's recognise that in every person we know, there is an aspect that makes them a "winner", or at least better than us !