Well, we are in the thick of it now! We see nations throughout the world being hit with  coronavirus, with unprecedented measures being taken where the only final  solution is the lock down of cities. As well as the recent bush fires that  devastated south east Australia,  there’s been volcanic eruptions, and now a plague of locusts in many countries in Africa and Asia Then South East Australia had months of bush fires, Britain has had more floods than ever before.

 So, my questions  is WHY. ? Is it an accident that all this is happening just now ?

 One answer may be that we ,the people of this world, are not  treating our environment in the right way, not having heeded the warnings of climate change, or the destruction of sea life by plastic, or the de-forestation that has totally upset the balance of nature,

Christians, who believe that God created this amazing natural world and peopled it with human beings, might be regretting how we have treated our planet !

 Other Christians might see our world  troubles almost as a plea from God “Look around!   What am I saying to you? Turn back to me!”

On TV the other week one reporter commented that the kind of draconian measures being put in place today, have not been seen since the war ! Right ! And what did  King George VI do about it, when it looked as though the British were about to lose the 2nd world war war?

 King George VI proclaimed a day of prayer for all Britain….and  through a dramatic rescue mission our country was delivered.  Was this due to people throughout  Britain pleading with God..?  Just let’s ask ourselves now that the world is in direct trouble. Where should we turn ?