Watford manager Sean Dyche has admitted the deteriorating Vicarage Road pitch is becoming a problem for his side and is looking forward to a new surface being installed in the summer.

Dyche has referred to the out-of-date pitch after the last two home matches and opposition managers have also commented on its poor condition.

The pitch has been in better condition during the 2011/12 campaign and in recent years has deteriorated much earlier into the season.

But Watford owner Laurence Bassini has insisted, on several occasions, that the new pitch will be installed this summer.

When Dyche was asked for his thoughts after Saturday's 2-1 win, his immediate response was: "I thought they were two good finishes and two real moments of quality in a game where it was hard to find quality, partly due to our wonderful surface which is interesting."

He added: "They have tried to improve the pitch this year and we are hoping for a new one in the summer but it is getting to the point now where it is very difficult to play on."

"There is nothing we can do this season but we are hoping for a new pitch in the summer so it is in progress," Dyche added.