I know that it has been quite a while since I last posted a blog so apologies. I guess some might have switched off by now, hope not though. Last week I was back in hospital as part of my bowel transplant ups and downs. The bacteria overgrowth hadn't improved in fact it got a bit worse and I couldn't stop being sick. Wind forward about a week and the good news is that I am home. The bad news is that the new drugs haven't kicked in yet so there isn't much improvement. Still I am due back on Wednesday so either they will have kicked in by then or I guess a new plan of action will be started.

The main reason for not blogging though was that for the first time in a while I just had a fed up week. I was disappointed to be back in hospital although I totally understood that I needed to be. Yet as the week went on and I hadn't yet started to get better I just felt sorry for myself. I usually pride myself of being fairly upbeat but last week was more downbeat. You know when you get in to a strop it's not so easy to shake yourself out of it and everything seemed to go wrong. Actually it wasn't everything, I just blew things out of proportion it was things like trying to wash my hair with a picc line in one arm and a cannula attached to fluids in the other arm. I did manage to wash my hair then spent about 15 mins drying the bathroom floor. It looked like I had shampooed that as well. I went to the shops on my own to get a paper. It was only downstairs but when I got there I realised that I had left my wallet upstairs. Again no big deal it just annoyed me. So these little things went on and I would get increasingly frustrated with myself. Pathetic I know but that was the reason why I didn't blog for a few days.

You will be pleased to know that the dark clouds have lifted and I'm back to my usual self (actually that might be more annoying for Justine) and a new week so going to be positive.Yesterday I had a rest from the feed and today it is back on again. Actually my stoma output pattern has changed quite a bit. It used to be that within an hour of starting the feed output would start. Now it seems to not happen until 5 or 6 hours had passed. Even without the feed there was very little output in the morning but between say 6pm and 8pm there was about 700-800ml coming out. Hey who knows why. Sickness is also still a problem. I seem to wake up feeling a bit rough, have my "morning sickness" and then it usually takes a build up until towards the end of the day before bringing up most of what I have eaten that day. Oh and while we are on the subject of morning sickness if you saw my belly you would definitely think that I was pregnant, in fact it could be twins.........

So that sums up what has been happening of late. I won't leave it so long this time, unless you all tell me too. Will keep you posted with what happens during the week.

Till then...


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