In a recent public consultation on proposals to expand Luton Aiport by double its size, 65 per cent of people supported plans to "improve passenger experience and increase capacity."

Proposals were also welcomed by local, national and international businesses, local chambers of commerce, trade unions and local politicians, all of whom were in favour of the economic benefits the development will bring to the region.

Luton Borough Council’s application to see 18 million passengers pass through the airport every year, has otherwise been met with strong opposition from Harpenden Town Council, Hertfordshire Against Luton Expansion (Hale) and the Luton and District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (Ladacan).

Therefore London Luton Airport Operations Limited (‘LLAOL’) has published a narrative on noise which aims to answer questions based on factual data compiled by aviation experts and noise technicians.

They have also produced a ‘noise fact sheet’ which sets out the past, present and future approach to tackling noise disturbances at the Airport. Glyn Jones, Managing Director said: "London Luton Airport plays a central role in the economy of the local region, and with so much of the area’s recovery relying on private investment, it is important that people are able to distinguish between what is correct, and what is hearsay.

"Our development proposals, including the creation of 5,100 new jobs and improvements to the built environment of the Airport, are all part of the robust and sustainable plan to update London Luton for the benefit of our passengers, airline partners and communities.

"That is why so many have given it their backing."

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