Three drivers were stopped by police in Wheathampstead yesterday morning as part of a safer road campaign week to crack down on dangerous driving.

A man and woman were reported for excessive speeding, while one was travelling on Marford Road at 45mph and the other at 48mph in a 30mph limit. The third driver was reported for using her mobile phone whilst driving.

While an additional 10 drivers, travelling above the speed limit or not wearing a seat belt, were stopped and given words of advice.

This was part of International Road Safety Week where six police officers and PCSOs from the Wheathampstead Safer Neighbourhood Team conducted the operation with four police community volunteers and officers from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The PCSOs and volunteers were using the speed indication device (SID) where 318 number plates were checked and Safer Neighbourhood Team officers were using the speed gun.

The three drivers have been reported to the Tri Force Camera Tickets and Collisions Department and may have been given points on their driving licences, fined or could go on a speed awareness course. PC Arthur Wilkes said: "We hope the drivers who were speeding think twice about their actions and slow down - it is 30mph for a reason.

"This operation is just one tactic in helping to reduce road traffic collisions and serious injuries on our roads and we will be carrying out more of these in the near future."