The Pioneer Club Charity will host a fundraising concert in aid of a St Albans based charity dedicated to the Philippines relief.

St Albans and Philippines group (STAPH), hope to raise cash towards rebuilding St Joseph's school in Degami, Leyte, during the concert on Saturday, February 22.

Visitors can enjoy a collection of contemporary singer songwriters, performers and DJ’s.

STAPH came together in 2013, set up by members of the St Albans Filipino community, who all have family affected by Typhoon Haiyan. One member sadly lost family in the disaster.

Members have decided to raise funds towards re-building St Joseph's School, in a remote area near Tacloban. The school was destroyed in the disaster and STAPH's work to raise funds will be a long-term project.

STAPH, which is soon to gain charitable status, is being supported by St Albans' former MP and current Labour candidate Kerry Pollard, He said: "It was the utter devastation and widespread effect of the typhoon and the almost impossibility of getting help to outlying areas, meeting local Filipinos who had lost family and recognising that we needed a long term commitment."

Doors to the event will open at 7.30pm. It is an over 18’s event and tickets cost £10. To buy a ticket visit: