Willows Farm Village in London Colney has welcomed a new arrival, Albie the donkey, born just in time for International Donkey Week.

Baby donkey Albie was born on Sunday, May 11 to mother Gracie, who was also born at Willows 10 years ago. His father is Ned, who joined Willows two years ago as a rescue donkey.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Andrew Wolfe, farmer said: "Gracie is a fantastic mum. As soon as Albie was born she was licking him clean and pawing at him to stand, this is to make sure that if there’s any danger, foals are up on their feet and can follow their mothers to safety. He was standing within half an hour and soon after was drinking her milk."

"In fact, she’s every inch the proud mum, showing Albie off by staying near the front of the pen so that visitors can get a chance to see him. He is already a real little character. He is so inquisitive and seems to be loving the attention."

International Donkey Week, which runs from May 6 to May 13, aims to highlight the lives of donkeys, particularly in the developing world, who do hard labour that would otherwise be done by cars and trucks.