A county councillor said residents will be forced to leave their homes if planned roadworks are not rescheduled.

Liberal Democrat Chris White’s comments came after the announcement of the works in Victoria Street - due to take place at night in the week commencing September 29.

Councillor White said: "I could barely believe my eyes when I saw the proposal - working from 8pm until 5am in a street which has numerous residential properties.

"I have so far been reassured that there won't be any jack hammering after midnight. I am sure the school age children will find that a great help.

"Their excuse is that it is ‘heavily trafficked’. Yes it does have traffic but nowhere near as much as London Road or Hatfield Road, for instance.

"Residents will be forced to leave their homes unless the county council reschedules these works."

Councillor White said he would keep pressuring for a switch to daytime working outside of rush hour periods.