A woman was left “shaken” after thugs throwing stones smashed her windscreen.

The victim was driving along North Orbital Road at around 7.20pm on Thursday, when the stone smashed through the passenger window and hit the windscreen, causing it to crack and shatter.

Stones were also thrown at a Vauxhall van in the same spot near Colney Heath, at 4.10pm. There have been 26 incidents in the same location since January 26, and police are trying to track the offenders.

St Albans Chief Inspector Shane O’Neill said: “Thankfully the driver managed to maintain control of the car, pull over and contact police but this could have been much more serious.

“The driver was very shaken by the incident and the shattered glass caused a cut to her hand.

“Throwing stones at moving vehicles is extremely dangerous and could have serious or even fatal consequences.

“Extensive enquiries are being conducted to identify the offender(s) responsible for this reckless behaviour.

“We are also carrying out high visibility patrols in the location of these offences to help keep motorists safe."

Anyone with information should call Hertfordshire Constabulary on 101.