The top job has of the council has been awarded to a current council employee.

Councillors voted unanimously on the appointment of Amanda Foley as the new Chief Executive of St Albans City and District Council at the full meeting on Wednesday, July 12.

Amanda will take on the new role today after eight years of working at the organisation.

Previously she had worked as the Council’s Head of Corporate Services, in charge of customer services, human resources, recruitment and training, information technology and business improvement.

She said: “I am excited about taking up this opportunity and am looking forward to working with Councillors and staff in my new role.

“These are exciting and challenging times for the Council with a range of new projects now underway. These include the new Museum and Art Gallery in St Albans and a new sports and cultural centre in Harpenden.

“We are also looking to develop a seven acre site in the heart of St Albans. We will review options and develop a strategy to complete our Strategic Local Plan that identifies land for housing and other development.

“Besides that, we will continue to modernise the delivery of services such as planning, housing, car parking and waste management to provide them in an efficient way.”

She takes over from former Chief Executive of four-and-a-half years James Blake who moves on to become the Chief Executive of the Youth Hostels Association (England and Wales).

She was recommended for the post by the Council’s Employment Procedure Committee who interviewed a short-list of five candidates for the role.

Council Leader and chairman of the cross-party Employment Procedure Committee Cllr Alec Campbell said: “I am pleased that full Council accepted our recommendation and that Amanda has been appointed to the post.

“Along with other Councillors, I will be working closely with her to deliver the Council’s priority projects over the coming years.”

Amanda came to the council after working as Head of HR Strategy for school inspector’s Ofsted after a career in banking, retail and the civil service.