A brand new beauty oil has launched exclusively across Hertfordshire.

INFINatura Cura Oil is a new pure and 100 per cent natural oil made up of Camellia, Argan, Red Mandarin, Bergamot, Sunflower, Crambe Abyssinica, Geranium and Vitamin E, boasting numerous benefits for normal, sensitive and damaged skin. 

The oil, available at Manor Pharmacy across the county, even claims that is has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and help with Psoriasis and Acne the natural way over a 3 month period.

I have been using it on my face and hair for around one month now and I have to admit I’m pretty impressed.

I usually wash my hair twice a week, sometimes three times but no more than that. I tend to wash my hair in the evenings with enough time to dry so I can simply tie it up in the morning and go.

I rarely style my hair unless it is an occasion as I find it dry, sometimes brittle, and very unruly.

Over the last month instead of washing my hair in the evening I have smothered it in INFINatura Cura Oil, section-by-section. The next morning I wash it twice with shampoo and then squeeze a couple of drops into my conditioner.

I have definitely noticed a difference.

My hair is naturally wavy so I rarely straighten it, but have struggled to find a product that will style it smoothly. Having used INFINatura regularly my hair is noticeably smoother and dries into much better curls than previously.

I have also been dowsing my face in it a couple of nights a week and this has been equally interesting. In a recent skincare treatment I underwent a UV scan of my face and was told that despite my skin not appearing dry, it was dehydrated. I struggled to get my head around the fact these could be mutually exclusive.

However, I would wake in the mornings to find the oil completely absorbed into my skin, without my face then appearing oily throughout the day. It seemed to be the cure for my unusual ailment as regular use has definitely nourished and plumped my skin.

Details: manorpharmacy.co.uk