Plans to replace the former St Albans police station with a new residential and commercial development have been approved, subject to conditions.

As part of the plans the five-storey police station, as well as an NHS clinic and parts of the civic centre, will be demolished to make way for shops, restaurants, and 86 maisonettes spread across two blocks.

Of the new homes created, 47 will be one-bedroom units, 37 will be two-bedroom, and two will be three-bedroom.

An underground car park containing more than 100 car parking spaces for residential use would also be built below the blocks.

Granting the scheme planning permission on Monday, St Albans City and District Council’s planning referrals committee stated that certain conditions must be met for the project to go ahead.

These include the scheme containing 30 affordable housing units.

The developer must also pay significant sums towards improving infrastructure in the area through the form of section 106 agreements.

The overall redevelopment area - dubbed the Civic Centre Opportunity Site (CCOS) - is divided into two main sites, and lies at the heart of St Albans City centre.

As well as the aforementioned buildings, the southern portion of the site comprises office block Hertfordshire House, and St Albans Magistrates’ Court.

The Ministry of Justice will retain its building for court purposes, while Hertfordshire House will be reused for a residential-led development and is therefore excluded from the site.

Council leader Julian Daly said: “A comprehensive, high-quality redevelopment of the area will be transformational for St Albans.

“It will make the city centre more attractive, vibrant and appealing. 

“This is an ambitious, challenging redevelopment following on from the creation of a new museum and art gallery in the city centre.”