A FLAMSTEAD centurion' has been selected to offer his pearls of wisdom as an agony uncle in a monthly magazine.

Eric Woodward, 100, from Flamstead, was chosen at the beginning of the summer by FHM magazine to answer readers' burning questions on life.

Along with three other centurions, Eric, a keen indoor bowler and local socialite who built light aircraft for the Government during the Second World War, will appear in next Thursday's issue for the second time.

Chris Bell, spokesman for FHM, said: "More than ever, the modern man needs guidance. Living away from parents, where does your average 18-30-year-old get the experience and wisdom we crave? Not from role models' like Pete Doherty and Russell Brand, that's for sure. So FHM decided to find some real heroes.

"And in this world of uncertainty, filling this vacuum of experience, we found the Centurions. Four men, with a combined age of 409, prepared to use almost half a millennia of knowledge to help the FHM readership. Anything a young man is going through, they've been through two or three times over. Any problems the FHM reader has - well, living through two World Wars should put it in perspective. These are the bona fide heroes that can offer the modern generation experience, knowledge and genuine hope."

On a monthly basis, readers can write in and ask for advice on any crisis or dilemma. It follows a year long investigation into the 18-30 year-old male demographic, which revealed that senior male role models still play an important part in providing advice and guidance for younger generations.