A HOMELESS charity which reconditions and sells unwanted furniture has been able to buy two new vans to support its work.

Emmaus, a shelter for the homeless, has a furniture shop in St Albans and Harpenden where items of old furniture – given a new lease of life by the homeless companions – are sold.

General manager Tony Ferrier said their previous vans were forced to be kept off the road due to engine and suspension failure.

He said: “We were forced into hiring vans which was very uneconomical and the charity depends so much on the collection and delivery of donated furniture."

The charity has purchased two new vans which emphasises its recycling message.

Tony added: “The new vans with their bright signage will help us to grow and spread the word about us recycling furniture and rebuilding lives.

“In Emmaus St Albans alone we currently save 18 tonnes of furniture from landfill each month and with the public's help we could do a lot more through donations.”

The charity either collects unwanted furniture or takes in donations. The items are then taken into its workshop where homeless companions are given the task of reconditioning the furniture for sale.