Dear Editor, I refer to the Governments outrageous plans to relax Sunday Trading Laws for London 2012 Olympics.

Sunday trading laws are to be suspended on eight weekends from 22 July during the Olympics and the Paralympics.

In his Budget, George Osborne is likely to say large shops in England and Wales can trade for more than six hours.

It would require emergency legislation which officials hope to pass by Easter, I believe it's already been passed.

Ministers hope the move would boost shopping, but the campaign group Keep Sunday Special said it would act as "cover for creeping deregulation". The government would be better off lowering VAT back to 17.5% and reducing the tax on fuel, in my opinion that would stimulate the economy.

George Osbourne and his colleagues have no idea how bad families are struggling in the present climate.

Shops should not be open on Sundays. I believe we will end up with shops open 24/7 permanently as a consequence.

Mrs D.Kemp, Birchwood.