Harpenden won the County Team Championship for the first time after beating Garston 50-41.

The team won all three rinks as they triumphed 80-40 on shots against Rowley Lane in the South District final.

In the next stage of the competition, the county semi-finals, Harpenden went on to play against the other district winners and were drawn against Baldock, who were the winners from the north. Harpenden won on two of the three rinks and 59-41 on shots.

The final was between Harpenden and Garston who had defeated Bishop Stortford in the other semi-final. The game against Garston was very tight but gradually Harpenden built up a lead of ten shots. The rink of Rob Newby, Colin Driscoll, Kevin Brazier and Tom Muir finished first and triumped by nine shots.

The second rink to finish was John Williams, John Millins, David Brooks and Tony Redford who lost by one shot. The last rink of Noel Roberts, Doug Hall, Woodie Donoghue and Nick Muir confirmed Harpenden’s victory when, on their 20th end, Muir drew shot to clinch a win on their rink by one shot.

In the semi-final of the County Team Ten, Harpenden won two rinks but lost two against Welwyn & District. The pairs and the triples were winners but the singles and fours lost.

The scores had to decide the result and Harpenden lost by two shots. Roberts, Nick Muir, Driscoll, John Osborne and Redford, Tom Muir, Newby, Ken Murray, Simon Burgess and David Brooks made up the team.

The men won a very tight match against Welwyn & District in the county league with victory on both rinks.

Until the 18th end there was never more than three shots difference in the aggregate scores but the rink of Roberts, John Williams, John Osborne and Tom Muir picked up five shots on the last end to win 25-15 and the rink of Newby, Brazier, Redford and Nick Muir secured a 19-16 victory to give Harpenden an overall 44-31 win.

In another county league match, Harpenden had a tight game against Townsend. Each side won on one rink and the overall score was 45-45.

Harpenden ladies played Welwyn Garden City in the Double Rink competition which has one away and one home team. The away side lost 18-13 while the home team won 28-13 for a ten shot overall victory.

The teams consisted of Lucy Ratcliffe, Beryl Birch, Jennie Redford, Lesley Tutt, Linda Brooks, Linda Newby, Jan Holland and Dena Roberts. They are now in the semi-final against Harperbury.

In the second round of the district singles, Newby defeated Ann Gunn of Shire 21-18 and Birch beat Shirley Burrow of Rowley Lane 21-12.

The Harpenden team of Dena Roberts, Eamon Roberts and Lucy Ratcliffe defeated 19 other teams to win the Townsend Two Wood Triples Gala.