Harpenden Bowling Club started their 2013 season with the traditional first game against Redbourn Bowls Club.

Harpenden found their synthetic pitch challenging and every bowl was affected by the strong wind.

The team won on three rinks, drew on one but lost on the other two rinks. However the shot score was greatly in Redbourn’s favour, with Harpenden losing 124-85. Best rink of the match was Robert MacPherson, Lyn Roberts, Linda Newby and Jack Blissett.

The club had marvellous weather for their opening day at the weekend. President Jan Holland raised the flag and played the first bowl before the members enjoyed the afternoon playing on the green.

The President’s team was beaten on the day by the Captain’s team, led by Peter Hubball and Lesley Tutt and everyone was happy to be back on the green and hoping to enjoy a successful season.

If you are interested in joining the club visit their website at www.harpendenbowlingclub.co.uk.