Batchwood Ladies clinched a 55-46 win over St Albans in the District League.

The team won on two rinks and lost on one giving Batchwood 60 points to 20. Batchwood's top rink was Gabriel Dee, Tricia Brady, Christine Vickers and skip Liz Schlatter (22-15).

The Batchwood four of Judith Simons, Nora Endericks, Kate Horner and Pat Savage went to Harperbury and were defeated in the County League.

Kate Horner and Pat Savage went out in the third round of the county pairs losing by nine shots to Judy West and Julie Woolidge of Harperbury.

In the fourth round of the county unbadged singles, Kate Horner defeated Lesley Moylette of Sele Farm.

Up to the 15th end it was a close game before Horner went ahead, winning 21-14. Her reward is a place in the quarter finals at Sawbridgeworth.

The mixed match between Hatfield and Batchwood finished with Hatfield prevailing by a margin of 29 shots.

Batchwood lost on three of the five rinks, drew on one rink and won the fifth rink. The winning rink was Brenda Aris, Bob Aris, Terry Chandler and John Harvey (21-10).