Greens get St Albans Council to back free disabled parking at hospitals

2:40pm Thursday 28th February 2013

To the shock and surprise of many, the West Herts Hospitals Trust recently announced plans to start charging disabled drivers to park at their hospitals. I proposed a motion at St Albans District Council, on February 26, to put pressure on the Trust to reverse their decision.

Tesco's plans for London Road

12:59pm Friday 28th October 2011

My tour of London Road ‘Eversheds’ site and news of improvements to Tesco’s plans

My first week as a Councillor

2:34pm Thursday 12th May 2011

I thought a District Councillor's life would be busy. It is.

AV: Why we need a new voting system

10:45pm Thursday 10th March 2011

Remember duck houses and second homes?

Rewarding staff

9:00am Friday 10th December 2010

An enjoyable event where staff are recognised for all the hard work and dedication over the last twelve months - lots of heartwarming stories of expertise saving lives - don't be next year's story!

Talking, or more importantly listening is the key to improvement

9:00am Friday 19th November 2010

Facing patients on the ward is daunting when you're not clinical and what you want to know is what could we do better to improve their experience with us.

Local Lib Dems to suffer for Coalition?

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Regrets?

2:59pm Saturday 13th November 2010

The latest revelations on what the Lib Dems really thought about tuition fees seem bound to rock the local party

It’s a great place to volunteer

9:00am Friday 12th November 2010

The League of Friends tea bar over in Outpatients is often my source of egg mayo sarnies, sausage rolls and a good cup of tea whilst at work. One can never have too many cups of tea in my opinion. The volunteers who run this tea bar are marvellous and always friendly. The other day it struck me how supportive our hospital volunteers really are, and how much the Trust appreciates their help and services.

Walking Aids Amnesty

2:07pm Friday 5th November 2010

Have you got one? Do you still need it? We need your help to return walking aids, like crutches, that are currently scattered around west Hertfordshire, maybe being used as a goal post rather than a walking aid

The Frontline versus Bureaucracy

10:24am Friday 10th September 2010

Logic dictates that public services should be all about delivering services direct to the people. But where do you draw the line for non direct contact staff?

Complaining about rainy days and telly

9:00am Friday 27th August 2010

Why is it that we get into conversations about the weather, the fact that nothing is on the telly, the bankers, the government only in a negative way.

Inspirational Alice and a bad car day

4:31pm Friday 13th August 2010

Does time alter to your moods, do some days go quicker than others for no apparent reason or is it all down to how good or bad your feeling about yourself

Ward Rounds

11:45am Friday 6th August 2010

“ Around the Wards” - not just a pull out section about the hospital in last week’s paper, but a real time look at a day as a patient on a ward

Wardrobe Shrink Monster Strikes Again!

5:17pm Thursday 22nd July 2010

As the weather hots up and the shorts get tighter, it's time to make a change.

Car Parking - cost or benefit?

3:15pm Friday 21st May 2010

Should the health service actively encourage people not to use their cars to get to hospital? If car parking makes a loss for the hospital, should it impact on patient services?

Catch the Green Youtube sensation

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Catch the Green Youtube sensation

11:30pm Tuesday 27th April 2010

Over 400 people have seen it. Have you?

Cameron sent up by St Albans winner

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Cameron sent up by St Albans winner

7:18pm Saturday 3rd April 2010

A man from St Albans has won a competition to design a poster for Labour.

Greens launch Local Election Broadcast

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Greens launch Local Election Broadcast

2:00pm Thursday 25th March 2010

Green Party raises the stakes with a Local Election Broadcast for the Local Elections on May 6th

Election campaign begins

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Election campaign begins

8:30pm Tuesday 23rd March 2010

Green election campaign begins, with sights on a Council seat.

Busyness As Usual

12:53pm Friday 19th March 2010

It's been a busy week once again.

Putting things off makes it worse

3:47pm Friday 12th March 2010

I’ve just had a couple of weeks off work trying to catch up on the jobs I’ve been putting off for a while – not an unfamiliar story in our house. One of those jobs was to re-roof my shed. We all know that a shed is a great place for men to hide and mine is no exception. I have been putting off the dreaded moment; patching up where I can, putting buckets where I can’t. So I book the last two weeks off in February. What happens? It snows, it rains and it’s freezing. I manage to empty the shed of all those ‘you never know when you might want one of those’ items and the old bits of wood, half full tins of paint, the old fridge that was going to contain the sly bottle of beer, about a dozen huge spiders and off-cuts of carpet that must have been in my house one day but I don’t recall when. I put them all in a heap in the garden (and under a tarpaulin of course because it’s still raining). Now I have a shed with a leaky roof and an eyesore in the garden – I’ve made things worse.


12:10pm Saturday 26th December 2009

Gloomy news for Christmas

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

10:56am Tuesday 22nd December 2009

Hospitals are busy places, made even busier when there's bad weather. Getting to work has been difficult for many people, but if our staff don't get here there is no health service.

Despite the email scandal, concern over climate change growing

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Despite the email scandal, concern over climate change growing

9:59am Monday 7th December 2009

New global survey shows that more people than ever are prepared for governments to take action against the threat of climate change

That's Oil, Folks

St Albans & Harpenden Review: That's Oil, Folks

9:33am Wednesday 18th November 2009

I don't know when oil production will peak. But I know it will.

Struts dash up the M1

4:20pm Friday 13th November 2009

Following a routine operation a dash up the M1 to see a specialist, another opration, slight panic over blood transfusion and all in 24 hours

Join the Wave this Saturday

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Join the Wave this Saturday

10:28am Thursday 5th November 2009

Show you want action on climate change by joining the Wave in St Albans!

More on Peahen Pollution

St Albans & Harpenden Review: More on Peahen Pollution

3:35pm Friday 23rd October 2009

For more on the story about pollution at the Peahen junction, listen to my radio interview on BBC Three Counties.

The Struts

3:28pm Thursday 15th October 2009

We left it last time with Olive keeping the news of her hospital visit a secret from the family. Only George, her husband, and family friend Uncle Bert knew the visit was pending. On Sunday morning the immediate family gathered at Olive’s house, as they do every Sunday, for a cup of tea and a chat and, if they’re lucky, or not on a diet, a bit of cake. This ritual has proved useful to Olive over recent years, because she now ensures that all the jobs that involve lifting, climbing or are generally messy, she leaves until her sons, Andrew and Brian arrive. This week it’s taking down the remains of the runner beans that have finished for the season and cleaning out the pump in the fishpond.

Hybrid trains, anyone?

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Hybrid trains, anyone?

11:36am Saturday 10th October 2009

How one in seven trains can run for free

Family Health

5:54pm Friday 9th October 2009

This is the first of a series of blogs examining the Health trials and tribulations of a mythical family of mine. Join them over the coming weeks as we laugh, cry and just sit back in amazement at what they go through and how the NHS copes with them.

It must be depressing for Labour

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Simon Grover and Caroline Lucas

10:40am Friday 2nd October 2009

Brighton is a strange place for Labour to hold their conference

To Sleep a chance to Dream

8:00am Friday 2nd October 2009

I heard a noise in my house at 3am, a noise I attributed to the dog. But I lay awake thinking of all the things it could be. Sometimes it's better to confront things than leave them until it's too late.

Another BNP Councillor suspended

9:14am Friday 25th September 2009

One of the regrettable things about the recent election of a BNP councillor in Hertfordshire, apart from the obvious, is that people gave their vote to a party with such badly behaved councillors.

Should we charge for people not turning up for hospital appointments?

8:00am Friday 25th September 2009

People do not turn up for their hospital appointment, particularly in outpatients. This means other patients are not given an appointment on that day, which they may desperately need. Is this right? Is it a reflection on society? Should we charge them for not attending?

The Tories are right. For once.

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Blue, Yellow, Red - what's the difference?

9:39am Tuesday 22nd September 2009

The Tories' full-frontal wooing of the Lib Dems reveals just how moribund the Westminster parties are.

We made the national finals!

9:17am Thursday 17th September 2009

And the nominations are: West Herts for Hospital of the Year; West Herts for Leadership Academy; West Herts for Improving Patient Experience. The only Trust in the country to be nominated for three national awards

Powerful stuff

9:49am Sunday 13th September 2009

I came across a powerful blog article from the director of the film "The Age of Stupid". It includes this stirring quote: "The people who came before us didn't know about climate change and the ones who come after will be powerless to stop it. So it's down to us."

Why did I buy a grand piano?

8:30am Friday 11th September 2009

Impulses can be very dangerous to your health and well being. Examine your impusles, think through the consequences and work out the angles and you might make the right choice.

Smoking - A curse or a pleasure?

11:08am Friday 4th September 2009

People smoke, yet we know it's bad for us. Should a hospital take action to stop it anywhere on its site or should it acknowledge it's legal and therefore allow it - particulaery in times of joy or sadness.

Council's strategy must lead with sustainability

11:13am Tuesday 1st September 2009

The council has a sustainability strategy at the heart of its plans for the district. But is it actually going to create a sustainable community, fit to face the future?

To Travel or Not to Travel – that is the question?

9:00am Friday 28th August 2009

Is it better to travel a few miles to receive better health care – or is it better to have everything close to home? This is a debate raging throughout the NHS and is certainly one of local concern.

3am blues!

5:30pm Saturday 15th August 2009

Do you ever wake up at 3am, for no apparent reason? Well I did last night and I lay there desperately saying to myself – don’t think about work, don’t think about work…and of course I did. After much wrangling over the things I had forgotten to do and a mental peep into the ‘really difficult’ pile, I decided there were two main things in my life – Family & Health (when I first wrote that sentence I put health before family, but I decided they come first).

Did you miss me?

5:33pm Thursday 6th August 2009

Hi, I’m back – did you miss me? ‘course you did. No I didn’t have swine flu, but if you read or watch the national media that’s just about all they talk about. It was predicted that west Herts would have about 40,000 cases, 400 of which will need hospitalisation and 100 of those will need intensive care. This hasn’t happened so far - although we are prepared if it does. We have had about 29 cases and when I last checked, only 2 people needed to come into hospital. Of course this is the summer (if a little wet so far!) and things may change in the autumn, but for now the levels are low and the symptoms generally mild.

More Green councillors

1:14pm Friday 24th July 2009

Two more Green councillors elected today

County plans secret incinerator

2:42pm Thursday 16th July 2009

Hertfordshire councillors are ploughing onward with their plans for an incinerator somewhere in the county.

Greens set for big advance on June 4

11:05am Monday 1st June 2009

As the Big Three slump in the polls, the Greens are reaping the benefit

Time for electoral reform

12:07am Wednesday 27th May 2009

Greens offer true parliamentary reform, and a promise of clean campaigning.

Who can you vote for now?

9:36pm Sunday 17th May 2009

If the Westminster parties have lost your trust, who can you vote for instead?

Age of Stupid in St Albans

St Albans & Harpenden Review: Age of Stupid in St Albans

11:51am Friday 15th May 2009

See this important film on Saturday

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